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New Class at Catland: Introducing the Thoth Tarot

Blessings to you all! I'm teaching the following class on November 29th at Catland:

A veritable treasure trove of magical symbolism, the Thoth Tarot is the premiere deck of the New Aeon.

Rich in imagery, it synthesizes a number of mystical, philosophical, and spiritual concepts. However, this denseness of imagery, combined with Thelemic idiosyncrasies, can make the Thoth deck a bit daunting to approach. This class will acquaint students of the Thoth tarot with the various schemas- Qabbalistic, Alchemical, Astrological, Magickal- that form the skeleton of the deck.

This class also provides comprehensive background material on the deck’s creation as well as theory and practice. Absolute Tarot beginners will go home with a broad comprehension of Tarot in general, and those interested in deepening their study of the Thoth Tarot will find further avenues for contemplation and clarification of some of the more baffling elements of the deck.

Online Early Bird Special- $30. Tickets Here:

Day of the Event- $50.


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