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Ancient Wisdom in Service to the Spirit of Today


Vitki Arts is the home of the various spiritual consultation services offered by Phillip English.

A second-generation Neo-Pagan, Phillip began his study of the Elder Futhark, Runecraft, and Norse Magic at the age of nine under the tutelage of his father. Simply put, his praxis is that of the Vitki: or Norse Magician.

In his late teens, being obliged by Odin to pursue magical knowledge, he began an earnest study of the myriad streams of magical practice and spiritual philosophy throughout the world- paying close attention to Western Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Ceremonial Magick.

He is an initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis, and the Blue Lodge degrees of Freemasonry. He has given lectures, talks, and classes on various topics focusing on ritual magick, Norse magical traditions, spirituality in everyday life, the occult and the history of esoteric societies.

As one of the co-founders of Catland Books, he has had the privilege of experiencing the legion that are the streams of Magical practice as they manifest in NYC - The Crossroads of the World. His work has lead him to learn from and interact with a wide array of respected elders, authors, and authorities in the field, and he has earned a reputation as a highly talented Rune reader and ritual performance artist. He is a proud member of a thriving metaphysical community of students and seekers after wisdom, and seeks to facilitate his fellow aspirants in their pursuit of light.

Here is a small sampling of the press that Phillip, and his work at Catland have received in various media outlets:

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